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Site Credits


The SMART project was developed by Swinburne University of Technology in close collaboration with consumers as well as Metal Illness Fellowship, Mind Australia, La Trobe University, the Alfred, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne), North Western Mental Health and Deakin University.


SMART website content was developed by Swinburne University of Technology in collaboration with Metal Illness Fellowship, La Trobe University and consumers. Key contributors to content were: Dr Neil Thomas (Swin), Ms Cassy Nunan (MIF), Dr Nuwan Leitan (Swin), Ms Fiona Foley (Swin), Ms Sue Farnan (MIF), Dr John Farhall (La Trobe)


Peer videos were made with real people who generously agreed to share their lived experiences. They were asked a number of questions on various topics and their responses were not scripted. All videos were filmed and edited by Rybazoid (Ryan O'Hehir).


The website was created by Fidget Friend ©.