I’m having trouble logging in at home.  What internet browser is SMART compatible with?

Answer: The SMART website has been designed to work on Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 19, Safari 5 & 6 and Google Chrome. If you are having any difficulties please click here to contact us .

Does SMART use a lot of internet data?

Answer: Watching videos on websites use more data than doing other things on the internet, however, the videos on the SMART website have been created to not use large amounts of data. Each video uses approximately 10-15 MB of data.

I want to change my username and avatar.  How do I do this?

Answer: To change your username, your avatar (the picture that is associated with your username) or any other account details you need to go to the "Settings" area which you can access from the bottom of the "Menu". Make any changes you wish and click "Save".

I keep getting reminders for charts or list items, how do I turn them off?

Answer: You can turn off or change the frequency of the reminders in the "Settings" area at the bottom of the menu. 

Who can see what I type into the SMART system?

Answer: All users of the website, including worker and carer users, will be able to view your comment posts. Only other consumer users of the website and forum moderators (not worker or carer users) will be able to be view your forum posts. Exercises that you do can be shared with your worker or carer, but only if you choose to. Otherwise, only you can see them. All of your activity on the site is logged and this may be accessed by the research team for research purposes only.

My carer wants to use the SMART system, can they?

Answer: Carers of research participants are able to use the SMART system. An account needs to be created for them by the SMART team and you or your carer can contact us to arrange this. Once your carer has an account, you can share exercises and videos with them and message with them through the system.

My friend wants to use the SMART system, can they?

Answer: SMART is not currently freely available as it is undergoing a period of research. If your friend has experienced psychosis and would like to participate in research for the SMART site they can contact us to see if they might be eligible.

How long can I access the SMART website for?

Answer: The SMART website will be available until mid-2017 as part of the research program and you can access the website up until then.



How can I find something I saw in the website that I want to find again?

Answer: If you can remember the title for the content you want to find again just go to the menu and type it into the search bar! Remember, you can add any content to your “Favourites” and access it through “My Area” under “My Favourites”. 

Can I complete an exercise more than once?

Answer: You can complete an exercise as many times as you like and the SMART website keeps a log of all of your previous answers. To complete an exercise again you can either go to the place you originally completed the exercise, put your new answer in the box and press submit. Otherwise you can go to "My Area", find the exercise and click on "Do this exercise again".

Where can I find the exercises that I’ve completed?

Answer: All of the exercises that you complete get stored in the SMART system. You can either go to the place where you originally completed the exercise and you will see a log of your previous answers or you can go to "My Area". The key exercises from the site are displayed as little cards with your most recent response displayed in them. If you want to see previous answers, you just click on the "View Previous Answers" link. If the exercise is not a key exercise, the ones that you have completed will appear as links underneath all of the key exercise cards under "Other Useful Exercises" and if you click on the link it takes you to the place where you did the exercise and you can see the log.



I accidentally sent someone a contact request, what should I do?

Answer: Pending contact requests are shown in "My Area" under "My Contacts". If you have sent someone a contact request by accident you can just select "Delete" in their contact box.

I have sent a contact request to someone but they haven’t responded, what should I do?

Answer: Your contact request will stay as pending until the person accepts your contact request. If the person has decided not to accept your contact request it will disappear from your contacts area. If it is still present in your contacts area, it may be that they have not logged on for a while and have not received your request.

I don’t want to have someone as a contact anymore, how do I remove them?

Answer: Just click "Delete" under the contact's username in  your contacts area.



I found a comment on the forum upsetting or offensive, what can I do?

Answer: If you click on "Report" in the box with the comment you found upsetting or offensive and write why you found it that way in the box titled "Remark", this will be reported to the forum moderator who will then make a decision whether or not to remove the comment.

How can I contact a person from the forum?

Answer: If you click on the person's username above their forum comment and then click "Add to My Contacts" it will send them a contact request. If they accept that request, you can then send messages to them within the system from the "Messages" area. Please note that these messages will not be moderated. If at any stage you feel uncomfortable about the messages from a contact, you can always delete them (see above). 



Can I use SMART without being involved in research?

Answer: At this stage access to SMART is only available to people who are involved in research projects for SMART. If you would like more information about being involved in SMART research you can click here to contact us .

What should I do if I don’t want take part in the research anymore?

Answer: You are able to withdraw from participating in research at any time. If at any stage of the research study you no longer wish to participate in the research click here to contact us .

How do I find out about the results of the SMART project when it’s finished?

Answer: The SMART project will be finishing mid-2017. Results from the reseach will be made available on our info page at www.smartinfo.org.au.   


For workers:

I haven’t received my worker code, what do I do?

Answer: Send us a message by clicking here to contact us .

I can’t add comments, what do I do?

Answer: Only consumer users are able to comment in the SMART website. If you are a consumer user and can't add comments, please contact us.